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Advanced Protection Program

Project Overview

4Liberty is an integral part of a major utility’s Advanced Protection (AP) program. The Program develops and implements advanced protection technologies within electric substations and associated distribution circuits to prevent or mitigate risk of fire incidents, increase situational awareness in high fire-threat districts and implement new protection relay standards. The mission scope includes replacing oil-based circuit breakers with modern vacuum-type breakers, installing real‐time automation controllers, auto‐sectionalizing equipment, line monitors, direct fiber lines, and high-speed wireless communication radios.

Our Approach

The Advanced Protection program is a portfolio component of the utility’s Wildfire Mitigation Program, a top priority. The utility’s goal is to ensure the safety of its customers, communities, and workforce. With 4L’s assistance, the utility has become an industry leader in wildfire prevention and mitigation and was recently awarded both national and regional awards.

The Results

4Liberty provides a comprehensive program, project, and financial controls management for the AP Program. 4Liberty supports and coordinates 35+ projects in various stages of design, construction, and commissioning in the AP Program. The Program goal is to deploy advanced and falling conductor protection to HFTD (high fire threat district) substations and circuits by 2023. With 4Liberty’s detailed assistance, the utility accomplished the 2019 AP deliverables and milestones within 5% of the Program’s budget.

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