Physical Security: Grid Systems

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Physical security protection implementation for grid infrastructure is a specialized service we excel at. We have provided grid security deployment management services for 15 years to electric substations, gas sites, and associated communication assets while ensuring best practices that comply with industry standards, utility peers, and CIP-014-1 regulatory guidance.

Our comprehensive services cover every aspect of the physical security project lifecycle, from risk analysis and security scope identification to close-out and turnover. We take a diligent and systematic approach to protecting our clients' grid infrastructure against potential threats and vulnerabilities.

Key Services

Risk Analysis

Security Scope Identification

Security Design/Engineering

Site Hardening

Security System Implementation

CIP-014-1 Audit Subject Matter Experts

Close Out/Turnover

Risk Analysis

Our experienced teams conduct thorough risk analysis assessments to identify potential security risks and vulnerabilities within the grid infrastructure. This enables us to develop targeted security strategies and prioritize necessary security measures.

Security Scope Identification

We work closely with our clients to identify the security scope required for their grid infrastructure. This includes defining the areas and assets that need protection, such as substations and communication assets, as well as any specific regulatory requirements that must be met.

Security Design and System Engineering

Our team of experts develops comprehensive security designs and provides system engineering support to ensure the effective implementation of security measures. This includes integrating physical security systems, such as surveillance cameras, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, and perimeter security, to create a robust and layered security approach.

Site Hardening

We assist in implementing necessary physical infrastructure modifications to harden grid infrastructure sites against potential threats. This may involve enhancing perimeter fencing, implementing anti-climbing measures, upgrading access gates, and ensuring appropriate lighting and signage.

Security System Implementation

We manage the entire process of implementing the recommended security measures. Our project management services include coordinating with contractors, overseeing installation, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulatory guidelines.

Subject Matter Experts (SME) Consultations

Our subject matter experts are available to provide comprehensive consultations regarding CIP-014-1 compliance. We can answer your questions, address concerns, assist in assessments, prepare for CIP-related inspections, and help you develop a tailored compliance strategy for your organization.

Close-Out and Turnover

We conduct thorough project close-out activities, including final inspections and ensuring all deliverables have been successfully met. We also facilitate the turnover process, providing our clients with the necessary documentation, training, and support to ensure ongoing maintenance and management of implemented security systems.

With our turnkey project management services, Electric & Gas Utilities can confidently enhance the physical security protection of their grid infrastructure while ensuring compliance with CIP-014-1 regulatory guidance. We aim to provide our clients peace of mind, knowing their critical assets are secure and protected against physical threats.

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