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Reducing Your Financial Risk

Our turnkey Project Management Office services include a comprehensive shared services component to deliver on T&D, technology, and security projects. With expertise in financial controls, project scheduling, material logistics, contract oversight, and comprehensive document management, we ensure efficient and streamlined project delivery.

We offer a range of shared services specifically designed to enhance project execution, improve operational efficiency, and ensure compliance with regulatory standards.

Key Features

Financial Controls

Data Science

Project Scheduling

Material Logistics

Document Management

How Our Services Benefit You:

Financial Controls

Our experienced financial professionals provide robust financial controls, ensuring accurate budgeting, cost tracking, and financial reporting throughout the project lifecycle. We employ industry-leading financial tools and methodologies to monitor project finances and identify any deviations or cost overruns, allowing for timely corrective measures.

Data Science

Our team of data science experts combines their expertise in data analysis, statistical modeling, and machine learning to provide organizations with valuable insights and predictive models that accurately forecast financials and help identify risks. We understand the importance of accurate financial forecasting and the challenges of managing complex electric transmission & distribution projects, technology implementations, and security initiatives.

Project Scheduling

Effective project scheduling is crucial for successful project execution. Our expert project schedulers create comprehensive and realistic project schedules, considering various project activities, resource availability, and dependencies in coordination with project engineers, project managers, and field construction teams. We continuously monitor progress and provide regular updates, allowing for proactive management of project timelines and risk mitigation.

Material Logistics

Managing the procurement, delivery, and tracking of materials is essential for seamless project execution. Our material logistics team ensures the timely delivery of project materials, tracking their movement and coordinating with vendors and suppliers. This helps minimize project delays, optimize inventory, and streamline overall project workflow.

Document Management

We understand the importance of timely and accurate documentation for utility transmission and distribution projects. Our document management experts implement robust systems to manage project documentation, ensuring accessibility, version control, and compliance with regulatory requirements. This includes managing construction drawings, permits, inspection reports, and other critical project documents.

Value-Add to Your Program Leaders

Enhanced Efficiency

Our shared services streamline various project management functions, allowing for greater efficiency and resource optimization. This enables utilities to complete projects more effectively and at a reduced cost.

Improved Financial Control

Our comprehensive financial controls ensure accurate tracking of project costs, enabling utilities to maintain financial discipline and make well-informed decisions.

Enhanced Project Visibility

Utilities gain a clear view of project progress, potential risks, and critical milestones through effective project scheduling and reporting. This enhanced visibility empowers informed decision-making and proactive management of project timelines.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our detailed document management services ensure regulatory compliance and support risk management. This significantly reduces the potential for disputes, delays, and regulatory penalties.

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