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4Liberty is driving innovation in how physical security designs are developed and executed. Our Automated Design Service uses advanced design technologies, methodologies, and cutting-edge design automation tools. Our design methodology revolutionizes the design process, ensuring efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and measurable results.

Our Methodology

We leverage state-of-the-art tools and industry best practices to meet the demanding requirements and schedules of today's modern grid and security design requirements, using Lidar, 3D, parametric and direct modeling, and real-time visualization. These tools enable us to create highly accurate and detailed designs that meet your specific requirements while significantly reducing design time. 

Our built-in project workflows ensure seamless collaboration and communication among all stakeholders. Through our secure online platform, the team can participate in simultaneous collaboration, making design decisions and providing feedback in real-time. This collaborative approach guarantees that all parties are involved throughout the design process, resulting in improved design outcomes and stakeholder satisfaction.

Leveraging AI for an Immersive Experience

Our offering includes an exciting new feature—an interactive AI site walkthrough. With this cutting-edge technology, customers and stakeholders can navigate through the designed site in real-time, interacting with design elements and experiencing the impact of every decision. This immersive experience enhances the efficacy of the design process, allowing for optimal adjustments to be made before the construction stage begins.

Why Choose Our Automated Design Service?





Cost Effective


Our use of advanced automation tools and efficient workflows ensures streamlined design processes, reducing time and effort expended.


By using cutting-edge technologies like Lidar, 3D, and parametric modeling, we ensure precise and accurate designs that adhere to your specific requirements, industry standards, and best practices.


Our real-time collaboration platform fosters effective stakeholder communication, ensuring all parties are involved and satisfied with the final design before being issued for construction (IFC).


With our AI site walkthrough, you can experience the designed space firsthand and make informed decisions in real-time, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the design.


Our intelligent automated design services provide exceptional value for your investment, optimizing resources and delivering high-quality designs within budget.

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